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Economy Hotel Resident Juggling Art, Health, and Wellness With Only Two Hands!

Our next customer spotlight is on one of Economy Hotel's most enthusiastic art collectors, Michelle Edmonds.

As one steps into her room, they'll find an oasis of precious pieces. Most of the art work serves as a memorial to her deceased mother who was well known for her community activism.

Edmonds follows in her mom's footsteps with a fascinating history of community activism which guided her towards her own personal calling. As a licensed Counselling Psychologist, through out her lifetime, Edmonds has provided remedial health services and care to hundreds of Atlantans undergoing a host of personal struggles such as illness, addiction recovery, and homelessness.

One such endeavour included Wellness Retreats, a company founded by herself and now deceased husband, Harry Edmonds, in 2001. As part of their service offering, Edmonds worked with community partners to find homes for those transitioning from hospitals and rehabilitation centres.

Although Edmonds would like to see the government do more to provide serious health after-care for those in transition, she sees great purpose in companies, like Economy Hotel, establishing extended stay hotels.

"The need for these homes is stronger now more than ever," said Edmonds, in reference to Atlanta's affordable housing shortage.

"People don't want these homes in their own community. Many of the residents' own families don't even have room for them."

Edmonds hopes that extended stay budget homes are only a temporary solution for those in transition. In the meanwhile, however, she finds solace in knowing there is shelter for those who need it long term.

To learn more about Ms Edmonds current venture and passion to improve the health and wellness of our community, visit!

Left - African wood carving Centre - Martin Luther King Community Activisim Award received in 2009 Right - African carving Community Activism Award received in 2006

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