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Pastor to the Rescue at Economy Hotel, Forest Park

Amidst veils of sickness and panic towering over the city of Atlanta, we find good samaritans with kind hearts, completely unfettered, right at our own Economy Hotel, Forest Park. One such hero is a dedicated lifelong rescue worker, Frank Stapleton, commonly known as Pastor Frank from the Maranatha Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Atlanta.

To date, Stapleton has rescued hundreds of homeless people on the streets of Atlanta by providing them with all the support they need for rehabilitation. Sometimes this includes spiritual counselling, or help with paperwork to apply for jobs or government assistance. "I cater to the whole person to help them get from point A to point B," said Stapleton.

Remarkably, oftentimes that support also includes inviting them to stay in his own home. Yet one blessed home can only hold so many; and so, through word of mouth, Pastor Frank learned about Economy Hotel Forest Park having the most affordable rates and capacity to rent out rooms to those desperately in need of the essentials. To date, Stapleton has brought dozens of renters to the hotel, paid for their accommodation, and even paid for other residents whom he never met, simply because they called him and said they were in need of financial assistance.

"God is interested in how you help others in your community," said Stapleton. "If everyone did that our world would be much better."

Since his early 20's, Stapleton uses the knowledge gained from his Degree in Food Service Technology, military training, and over 25 years of work experience in health/life insurance to help his community.

"I learned early on that I was gifted with a passion for helping people on all levels of life. I want to help relieve their burdens," explains Stapleton, now 60 years old.

Naturally, one salary is not sufficient to support all the people that Stapleton wanted to support, in addition to his own family. In 2014 he established an international non-profit organization, called Advanced Destination which, today, has over 10,000 members.

"God protects me. I have to trust that when we're helping others, it's God's Will," said Stapleton. "Otherwise, people are going to die just from worry."

To learn more about Past Frank Stapleton's nonprofit organization and how you can contribute, please visit