Second Event Hall Opens in Macon!

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Second Event Hall Opens in Macon!

Soon to be the most snazziest place in town, Stablegold Hospitality (SGH) opens its second Candler Event Hall, right next to Economy Hotel, Macon, today.

Inquiring customers and staff are already looking forward to yet another merry-making space for parties, dances, live bands, weddings, and community gatherings.

SGH CEO Ali Jamal wants to branch out the SGH business model by adding on affordable event space. "I want to provide our communities with access to a phenomenal event hall without them having to break the bank," said Jamal. "We have a niche in this market."

Diondre Harvey, General Manager of Economy Hotel Macon, agrees the neighbourhood is a great place for an event hall. "There's not much entertainment in the area, just lots of warehouses," said Harvey.

Renovations to the event hall started in March with a few more left for the lobby area, guaranteed to soon sparkle with Shaba Jamal's streak for chic.