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Loves Gives Ministries Gives Plenty of Love to Economy Hotel Forest Park

When we think of retirement, we're usually thinking of relaxing on a beach, somewhere in a tropical country, sipping on mojitos and then enjoying a hot stone massage while sinking our toes into the warm sand.

The founders of Loves Gives Ministries, Lynn and Jim Duncan, on the other hand, have a different vision in mind. One that goes deep into the heart of their home town, Atlanta Georgia, and right to the doorsteps of its most vulnerable people.

Economy Hotel Forest Park was shown an outpouring of love from the ministry on Sunday October 12th when it delivered 150 bags of groceries and other essential items, right into the hands of very appreciative guests. And it's not the ministry's first run; their volunteers visit the hotel to provide free essential goods every month!

"I think the work they do serves a great purpose," said Taiwan Miller, General Manager for the hotel. "These people are already in dire straights and every penny really helps."

Between the two options for retirement - enjoying the beach versus serving Atlanta's community, for Lynn Duncan there's not an inkling of doubt that the latter makes her much happier. She recalls a time that one of the guests approached her outside of the hotel, while she had nothing to give them, and told her he'll never forget her face. "That just touched my heart," said Duncan. "It really meant something to him if he approached me while I had nothing to provide. He was just genuinely happy to see us."

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Loves Gives Ministries Board Members Sandy and Mike Dixon present EH Forest Park with a brand new microwave during the charity run on Sunday