Our Team

Roger Sawant

Roger Sawant

Revenue Manager

Roger has been a member of the Stablegold Hospitality team since 2014. He joined Stablegold Hospitality with a background of 23 years in Management of Extended Stay Hotels.

Lisa Hollomon

Lisa Hollomon

Operations Manager

Lisa joined Stablegold Hospitality in 2014 as a General Manager. She was quickly promoted to Safety & Compliance Manager in 2015, District Manager in 2016 and Operations Manager in 2018.

Ali Jamal

Ali Jamal

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Jamal, is the owner and chief executive officer of Stablegold Hospitality. What started in 2011 as an investment in one rundown and shutdown hotel is now a thriving business, which includes approximately 1300 Metro Atlanta rental units, employing close to 100 people in... read more


March Spotlight

Monique Jones, General Manager, Economy Hotel, Atlanta

‚ÄčOur next Employee Spotlight is on Monique Jones, General Manager for Economy Hotel, Atlanta, who has been with Stablegold since 2012! 

Jones is a Philadelphian-born American who moved to Atlanta at the meagre age of 16 years old, along with her adoptive mother, Pastor Sharon Dantzler. 

As regular churchgoers, Jones' mom always got her involved in volunteering for community services such as food drives, vocational counselling, and assisting the ill. 

"I learned how to relate to those who are struggling, especially with their health," said Jones. "There's so much more you can do besides preach or lecture to them." 

In solidarity with SG's core values, as well as her own, Jones  consistently looks for ways to put those teachings into practice. 

"When I see one of our patrons struggling, I might give them advice or make calls on their behalf to assist with a job search, or even help out with paper work," said Jones. 

SG Revenue Manager Roger Sawant vehemently attests to Jones' as one of SG's brightest community champions. 

"Anyone needs any help, she jumps and goes out of her way to help them," said Sawant. "Anything you ask her, she does with a smile."






Join Our Team

Stablegold Hospitality believes in the core values of integrity, strong work ethic and continuous self improvement. 

We also would like to make a positive impact on our employees by providing them educational initiatives as well as quick career advancement opportunities within our organization. 

If you feel like this might be the right culture for you....fill out an employment application! We are always on the look out for great talents in management, front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance positions. 

We look forward to hearing from you!! 

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Image for Stablegold Hospitality Christmas Party
Image for Stablegold Hospitality Christmas Party
Image for Stablegold Hospitality Christmas Party
Image for Stablegold Hospitality Christmas Party
Image for Stablegold Hospitality Christmas Party
Image for Stablegold Hospitality Christmas Party

Stablegold Hospitality Christmas Party

Stablegold Hospitality hosted its 5th annual Christmas party on December 15th, 2016. The staff had a great time and even had a surprise visit from Santa!! Leaders and team members within the organization were recognized for their tireless efforts and great results throughout the year. SGH is so proud of our amazing people and we hope you are as well! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!