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This Little Light of Mine

Our next customer spotlight is on Economy Hotel Candler's long time resident Phyllis Jordan.

This born and bred Atlantan is the mother of four children who, unfortunately, are in the foster care system. In addition, there's a fifth newborn on the way, due in January.

She has been staying at the Candler with her knight in shining armour, Cosmos Thomas, since 2015. Together, they want to save up enough to buy a home that can bring the children out of foster care and provide shelter for everyone under one roof.

"On the inside it hurts, especially when I can't tuck my kids into bed at night and kiss them goodnight," explained Jordan. "That's the only time I'm sad."

Yet this church going lady, along with Thomas, is determined to keep smiling and lighting up each day at Economy Hotel, Candler.

"They're always appreciative of what we have to offer," said General Manager Queen Booth.

Thanks to Booth's consistent patrolling of the property and no nonsense approach to any disorder at the Candler, Jordan feels safe in her current home.

"I like how they always get out of their office, walk around, make sure everyone is ok and check on us" said Jordan.

"And the housekeepers are awesome around here," added Jordan. "Whenever I ask for something they always do it!"

Jordan and Thomas hope to find a new home for themselves in Decatur soon after Number Five arrives.