Economy Hotel, Minot, Soon To Open

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Economy Hotel, Minot, Soon To Open

Minot guests will soon have new, affordable option in town - Economy Hotel, Minot - ready to open their doors as soon as it passes the City's Health Inspection.

"We have thirty people already on the waiting list, ready to book their stay," said Rebecca Minnifield, General Manager of the hotel.

Economy Hotel, Minot, differs from other hotels in the area that have closed due to zoning issues. In order to comply with hotel zoning restrictions intended to accommodate short-term visitors, stoves have been removed, continental breakfast can be served, 24-hr staffing will be implemented, and there will be no option for guests to receive mail.

Negotiations are underway with various local third party security companies to provide around the clock patrol service at Economy Hotel, Minot. "Not only will we be hiring a third party security company to provide patrol service to our Hotel, we are also very keen to give off duty City of Minot police an opportunity to oversee security at the Hotel," said Ali Jamal, CEO of Stablegold Hospitality, the LLC that owns this distinct Economy Hotel brand.

Awaiting final checks from authorities, Economy Hotel, Minot, hopes to open its doors in time to accommodate the expected influx of Norst Hostfest visitors arriving by September 25th - affordably!