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Learning, Leading, and Serving

Learning, Leading, and Serving


Nothing describes the values championed by Stablegold Hospitality CEO Ali Jamal better than the slogan that defines one of Marietta’s most impactful youth organizations - Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving (YELLS).

Over the last few years, Stablegold emphasized its pledge to these values with ongoing contributions to their Afterschool Program and events.

In October, for example, another $5,000 contribution was made to sponsor the YELLS 10th Anniversary Networking Dinner. 

YELLS is a non-profit youth development organization based in Marietta, Georgia. It was founded over ten years ago when Marietta High School Teacher Laura Keefe teamed up with community organizations who shared her vision to flourish the infinite potential of Franklin Gateway’s local youth.

The new future leaders are given opportunities to lead large scale projects that have a profound impact on the community.

While devoting much of their time to investing in others, some youth found themselves struggling academically. This is where Keefe enlisted the support of organizations such as Stablegold Hospitality to sponsor YELLS’ Afterschool Tutoring program.

“Stablegold was one of the first supporters of this initiative,” said Keefe. “Their contribution encouraged more grants that eventually allowed us to develop a 21st century learning centre.”

Keefe is especially moved by Jamal’s personal connection to YELLS’ vision.

“He really cares about them and sees Franklin Gateway as our shared community. A lot of businesses only focus on the bottom line,” said Keefe.

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Learning, Leading, and Serving