Pilgrim Pentecostal comes to the Candler

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Pilgrim Pentecostal comes to the Candler

There's nothing like a warm bowl of nourishment on a cold winter's day. Over 50 guests received delicious hot chilli at Economy Hotel Candler this weekend thanks to some kind hearts at Pilgrim Pentecostal Church of Christ.

The mobile kitchen is an annual event the Church coordinates at extended stay hotels for the less fortunate.

"We chose this location because of better security," said April Ross, leader of the volunteer group.

They also learned about the Candler location when its guests, also members of the Church, asked them for assistance with paying for accommodation.

Even while nightly rates at Economy Hotel are among the cheapest one finds in Decatur, poverty is an ongoing struggle for thousands of individuals living in the city. According to Data USA, a mind-blowing 15.6% of the population in Decatur live under the poverty line. The national average of those living below the poverty line is 13.4%.

"The need for affordable housing is so great in Atlanta," said Economy Hotel CEO Ali Jamal. "I'm so grateful SGH can help some of those in need."

Females make up the majority of Decaturans living in poverty. Every May, Ross holds another charity event on Mother's Day at her beauty salon, April A Styles, where she treats these less fortunate women to a fine head of hair.

To learn more, guests can call the salon at 678-499-4113. For more information about the Church group, please visit www.ppcofchrist.org.