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Economy Hotel Atlanta Teams Up With Atlanta Police Union

Economy Hotel Atlanta has decided to proudly support the Atlanta Police Union's Kids Summer Camp for its 5th year in a row!

It's no surprise that Economy Hotel champions the camp, reputed for altering the future destinies of thousands of at-risk youth. Atlanta Police Union has partnered with the Police Athletic League to provide many such programs to youth, such as the After School Program and Boxing Program, that target youth in high-crime areas.

Cory Rodriguez, Fundraising Director for the Atlanta Police Union, says he always hears testimonials from community members who, in their youth, were once participants of the program. "It's very powerful to see how these individuals who grew up in crime-infested areas became some of the community's most successful business owners," said Rodriguez.

Anthony Colello, spouse of General Manager Monique Jones' and recent graduate of Alpharetta Police Department, heartily believes in the cause. "If it wasn't for these programs, youth these days are inept to bad role models and prone to commit negative actions towards its community," said Jones. "It takes a community to stay invested in children's' lives."

Atlanta Police Union's summer camp started in 1996 to raise funding for children with special needs. It gained so much support from the local community that it was then able to extend their services to at-risk youth. For more information on their partnering organization, Atlanta Police Athletic League, visit